For the 16th June

All the carers who look after family and friends, especially this week as we end National Carers Week.

All our clergy and service leaders and their families as they bring us the wonderful words of our saviours teaching in their message each week.

All those who are caught in conflict across the world, may they be as safe as possible and try to lead a normal life as best they can in the circumstances

For the 23rd June

Our wedding and baptism families as they enjoy this new chapter of their lives, after making their promises before God.

For the events that are happening over the coming weeks around the Pastrow Family, may the weather be kind and efforts rewarded for all the work that happens behind the scenes.

Those that are poorly, receiving treatment or recovering at this time, may they all know and receive the love and strength of our lord not only now in the low points but when times are better.