Begin the extraordinary journey of faith with the Pastrow family.

Baptism marks not only the beginning of the extraordinary journey of faith, but your journey of belonging to a wider family that is committed to journeying together; exploring, challenging and nurturing each other to grow as followers and disciples of Jesus Christ.

Baby Baptism

Who can be baptised?

Baptisms are not just for infants and young children, and are often performed on adults and entire families of all ages keen to begin their journey of faith.  

What it means to be Baptised

The act of Baptism and being baptised is so much more than simply taking part in a  ceremony; it’s a promise to God of faith and an opportunity to embrace a new chapter in your journey through life; a symbol of new beginnings and a public declaration of your commitment to Jesus Christ.

Your Baptism with the Pastrow Family

Baptisms with the Pastrow Family usually take place after our main Sunday services in the morning. However, we do also Baptise during some other church services so, whatever your needs are, we will try to accommodate you wherever possible.

To explore Baptism further, please contact us.