Offering friendship, prayer and support to help you make your wedding, your special day.

Committed to providing you with the very best start to married life, each Parish with the Pastrow Family has their own Wedding Coordinator who will help and advise you through the initial processes, and will be able to help you with any questions you may have.

Newlywed Couple Church Door

A guide to booking your church wedding

Choosing to hold your wedding ceremony in a church will enter into a new chapter of your relationship with each other and with God. Just as communication is an invaluable key to a successful marriage, so it is to a living faith in God. 

It’s common for couples considering a church wedding to have many questions relating to the logistics of getting married in a church, such as: 

“Do I need to be baptised?”

“Can I get married at a church outside of my parish?”

“Can I get married in a church if I’m divorced?”

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