Our main event of the month, the Pastrow Family gathering is an opportunity on the first Sunday of each month for the collective congregations across the parish to gather together as a family in worship and fellowship. 

The Pastrow Family Gathering has a blend of worship styles that expresses the rich history of Anglican liturgy.  

For those with young children, we also provide a creche, along with children’s and youth groups, all meeting in the school opposite the church where the main service in church is live streamed to.  

This allows the whole church family, young and old, to meet together, and to enjoy some quality coffee and biscuits after the main service ends.

We would love to journey with you at this time and this service – we hope to welcome you soon. 

The New Children’s board at Hatherden made by the PFG Kids team and children
Pastrow Family Gathering Sunday 5th September